Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Great Thinkers

Working with a group of great thinkers in year 3 we asked ourselves 'What is a great thinker?' The ideas flowed freely as you can see from our brainstorm below, and we noticed that the more we thought about it, the more thoughtful and perceptive our ideas became - we wondered if this was another indication of  a great thinker?

We discussed how great thinkers think - does it just happen, or do they have some secret that helps them think? Builders use a plan, tools, and help from others to build faster and better - we wondered if thinkers do something similar?  We then remembered the 6 Thinker's Key's that we use in class - they are like a tool. They help us think in different ways. As Fletcher said "they tell us what to do, remind you how you should deal with that." Sam added that they help "build your brain better.' So we are creating our own thinker's toolbox. Each week we will explore another thinking tool that will help us to think faster and better so that we can think in different ways.

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