Monday, 11 November 2013

Help Save the orangutans!

Did you know that over 4 football fields worth of rainforest are destroyed every hour? There are less than 6600 Sumatran orangutans left in the world - at this rate there will be none left by 2015! Liam, a year 4 student at RSS is passionate about raising awareness of the orangutan's depleting habitat. He has made a stop-motion animation to get his message out there. His goal is to reach 1000 views on his YouTube video "Save the Orangutans." He has also set a goal of at least three RSS staff to read a chapter of a book about orangutan's written by world-renown primatologist Craig Stanford, whom he met a recent lecture in Palmerston North. Liam also spent the weekend at Auckland Zoo on an orangutan experience, where he got to touch a real orangutan.

This week is Oragnutan Awareness Week and Liam and his friends have organised lots of happenings around the school to get students and staff to think about the plight of orangutans and make a difference.

Our hub has a display about Palm oil and today, students 'lost' part of their playground, just as orangutan's are losing their habitat. On Thursday, students will be allowed to dress up in orange and/or their favourite animal.  In return they will get a banana or orange. All proceeds from this dress up day will go the the Auckland Zoo's Conservation Fund Programme.

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