Monday, 26 May 2014

Letterboxes by Design

A group of year 1-2 students have been investigating letterboxes. There certainly are some unique creations out there so we set off to design our own. First we took pictures of ones in our neighbourhood and then we talked to NZ Post about what a letter box needs. This is what we came up with:

We then got busy planning the ultimate letterbox and creating a prototype out of Dukit. We displayed our models as a street scene with blurbs about our design.

Here is Stanley's...

'This is a turtle that was running away from a fox in the rain. He slipped in a puddle and fell over on his shell. The fox didn’t get the turtle because a boy was running past. He didn’t see the turtle because  the turtle was camoflaged. Some builders came over and they didn’t see him either. They poured cement by accident because they thought he was a rock with grass on top. When the sun came up the cement had dried and he was stuck there. So they decided to paint him and turn him into a letterbox. They decided the number should be 22 because it was nearby a house that was 20.'


Liam's orangutan documentary goes international!

Liam's Orangutan documentary has been voted 'Best foreign Documentary Kidzflicks 2014 at the Sydney International Festival of Films by Children.  Well done Liam! 

Liam also features in Massey University's Annual Report about his passion to save the Orangutans. They have given Liam two tickets to see Jane Goodall at an upcoming workshop in Wellington, what a special experience.