Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Exciting event for gifted Education next April

A major announcement for gifted education in this country!
Who are the Columbus Group? They are a group of ten leading figures in the gifted field.  Collectively and individually they have made huge contributions to our understanding of gifted children. Their names resonate throughout the literature on giftedness. The definition of giftedness they wrote continues to be amongst the most influential ever written.
And now they are coming to New Zealand - all ten of them! They have chosen us for their first-ever presentation outside the US, which will be in the form of a two-day symposium. This is a huge honour for our country, and a unique opportunity for all of us interested in this field.

A symposium, as you will know, generally consists of a series of panel discussions, with opportunities for questions from the floor, guided by a moderator. That's the format we'll be following too. But we're sure you'll all want as much direct contact with the individual panel members as possible. In conferences, this usually involves "break-out" sessions with individual presenters. But the problem with that is that having to choose between sessions often means you miss some of the people you really want to hear. So what we're hoping to do is to have a "French lunch". That's to say, the lunch break will be two hours long. Everyone will be seated at a table. Delegates will stay at the same table for the full lunch period. One presenter will sit at each table and engage in discussion with you. Then, at pre-arranged times, the presenters will change tables. The aim is to allow you to have at least some direct interaction with as many of the presenters as possible - hopefully all of them!
  1. The dates are Monday and Tuesday, 13th and 14th of April, 2015. This is the second week of Term 1 holidays next year. The time frame is yet to be precisely finalised, but we are looking at a full day on the Monday and at finishing around lunchtime or early afternoon on the second day.
  2. The venue is Auckland Normal Intermediate. This is a centrally placed school, basically next door to the old Auckland College of Education. Closer to time, we'll send you maps and information about local motels, etc.
  3. Earlybird bookings will become available as soon as costs have been finalised. This information will come first to you as mailing list members.
Bookings for this event are bound to be heavy, so we're inviting those interested to join our mailing list for more detailed information and priority access to earlybird bookings when these open later this year. To join, simply email us at reacheducation@xtra.co.nz
We look forward to hearing from all of you!!!
Rosemary Cathcartwww.giftedreach.org.nzreacheducation@xtra.co.nz
REACH provides the Certificate of Effective Practice in Gifted Education
Endorsed by the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development (US)

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