Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stanley's Tree

For Stanley’s 7th birthday he wanted to do something a little bit different...he wanted to plant a tree. "There are too many trees being chopped down," he told me. "Planting a tree is good for the environment." So yesterday Stanley, his brother Jack, and a couple of friends went to the Esplanade and planted two Pseudopanax ferox trees.

As Stanley gets older he will be able to go back and visit his tree. They tried to get a tree that is almost the same size as him. That way he can go back every year and see which has grown the quickest - him or the tree.  The lady who is in charge of landscaping around the playground area, Janine, gave the boys some information about the trees. She showed them the right way of planting and watering trees, and lots of information about planting trees in winter. 

The boys cheered with hot chocolate. (Stanley is the one on the left). They had a wonderful time. What a terrific idea Stanley!

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  1. Grandad and I will be looking forward to visiting your trees next time we come to Palmerston North, Stanley. We hope they grow really tall.