Monday, 15 June 2015

Happy Gifted Awareness Week!

Take a look at these two clips. Although these cuties are not even at school yet they are already demonstrating gifted behaviour clues. In a world where achievement is continually reinforced as a measurement of ability these clips remind us that giftedness is about who a person is and their potential.

Have a great week celebrating who our gifted children are, not just what they can do :)

Heightened moral sensitivity is shown as the young boy talks with his mother about the food on his plate and articulates his depth of concern and feelings of hurt for animals that are killed for eating. He shows great empathy and compassion for his age. The quick pace at which he gathers, processes and extrapolates information throughout the conversation and uses this to develop his own ideas and beliefs is evident. The way in which he expresses himself is also quite distinct, in that he able to clearly articulate his questions, understanding, concerns and beliefs.

A clear example of heightened emotional intensity, apparent even in a baby as young as ten months. The profound effect the Mum singing has on this wee girl and how her response change throughout is quite remarkable. It raises the question of how, at home or in an educational setting, we might identify, validate and nurture emotional qualities such as this. This example promotes the very important need to acknowledge the advantages the intensity of experiences that giftedness and talent can bring to a child and how this can be expressed and used in a positive way, as well as the challenges it can pose for the child and their family members, and the need to support them in knowing how to cope with and respond to these in the best way possible.

Thanks to Vanessa's blog 'Lifting the Lid' for these

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