Nurturing gifted potential at RSS

No one provision will meet the need of any learner all of the time. At RSS we use a combination of provisions ranging from classroom-based to schoolwide and beyond to nurture gifts into talent. Obviously, as a child spends most of their time in their regular classroom, this is where the primary focus is across our school to develop talent. Staff are given guidance and support to meet the needs of gifted learners across our school. One key way we can do this to differentiate student learning to meet their unique learning needs by using acceleration and enrichment to alter the content, process, and/or products based on individuals interest, readiness, and need.

As we want students to add to their existing knowledge and produce from it an emphasis on 'higher order thinking' forms the basis of CREATE planning. There are six stages of thinking, each involving more complex thinking than the last. Typically, the majority of learners need to spend more time on the first three stages as demonstrated by the triangle below, whereas gifted students are hungry for more depth, complexity, and abstract thinking to make greater connections so need to spend more time analysing, evaluating, and creating.
         Bloom's Revised Taxonomy               
     sourced from

We also have a number of withdrawal programmes based on interest and need for students across all year levels. Typically, these arise from authentic classroom learning and runs for blocks ranging from 6 weeks to a term. Other special interests groups are formed based on particular interests and change over time. Other permanent programes include Book Clubs  for years 4-6 students, and ukelele and marimba with Jen. With such a hugely talented staff, students, and school community there is always something exciting just around the corner. If you are interested is supporting us with one of our programmes, or have skills and knowledge to share, we would love to hear from you!

Outside providers such as One Day School cluster like-minds together from a variety of schools in our region to explore themes and concepts one day a week. For more information about One Day School visit

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